Griffith is an ideal location for learning to fly  as the area has an abundance of clear blue skies and great flying weather.  Griffith Aero Club is located on the outskirts of Griffith in the heart of the Riverina’s wine grape, rice and cotton growing region of New South Wales. The Griffith Aero Club has been in continuous operation since 1946 and has provided pilot training to large numbers of individuals in a range of aircraft types from ultra lights through to twin engine.  Griffith Aero Club currently operates 2 Jabiru 230 of single engine Recreational aircraft, these aircraft; are also available for private hire to qualified pilots.




A circuit around runway 24, Griffith 

Flying training 7 days per week
Flexible training tailored to suit the individual
Trial instructional flights
General Aviation to Recreational Aviation Australia conversions
Cross country, passenger & radio endorsements
All meteorological and flight theory included in costs
Package deals including accommodation in the centre of town can be organised
Biennial flight reviews for Recreational Aviation pilots
Recreational Aviation partners of pilots emergency training courses
Private hire of General Aviation and Recreational Aviation aircraft to licensed pilots
Gift vouchers available for that special someone
Competitive flying rates



Griffith Aero Club is a friendly vibrant club with professional and experienced instructors who can make learning to fly a truly memorable experience for ages from 15 years and up.  You are never too old to learn.
The club is also looking to establish a number of full or part scholarships/sponsorships for young people from a variety of backgrounds who are genuinely seeking a career in the aviation industry.  To qualify for part or full scholarships/sponsorships you will need to satisfy a number of criteria.  For more information please contact the Griffith Aero Club.


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